BN International
Outsourcing logistics operation facilitates better focus on core business

BN International is a specialized manufacturer of high end wallpaper and book covers. For strategic reasons, BNI chose to focus more on their core business and outsource their storage and distribution activities to Vos Logistics. BNI was looking for a flexible bespoke solution and a long-term partnership.

BN International, located in the Dutch town of Huizen, was established in 1926. Originally, they produced vinyl flooring, the so-called Balatum-zeil. In the 1980s the focus changed to high-end wallpaper and book covers, among other products. BNI produces in its own production facilities. Their broad product range finds its way to customers all over the world, ranging from hospitals and hotels to homes and offices.

Because of changes in market circumstances BN International decided to invest in expansion of production capacity. Part of the business premises was redeveloped to harbour a large new production machine. The logistics operations, previously executed at the redeveloped grounds, needed to be outsourced to a competent and reliable partner.

Facilitating growth

The main reasons for BN International to choose Vos Logistics as their logistics partner are professionalism and flexibility. Thanks to the multi-user setup of its warehouses, Vos Logistics is well equipped to handle large fluctuations in volumes. Furthermore, Vos Logistics is able to execute all logistical processes using its own assets, both inbound and outbound. Being a one-stop shop made Vos Logistics as the ideal partner for facilitating the logistics of future growth ambitions of BN International.

Optimal logistics solution

Marcel van Etten, Business Development Manager at Vos Logistics: “We are happy with our collaboration with BN International. We are offering them a practical solution in a shared-user environment in our warehouse Oss. On top of that, we strive to deliver added value with precise information on stocks and ordering processes, with efficient operations, and with short leadtimes between order and delivery. In this way we support BN International in their growth ambitions. We dedicated a part of our warehouse to delivering an optimal logistics solution for BN International.”


Gert Veerman, Technical Director of BN International: “It is important to us to have a partner we can trust completely to support our future growth. In Vos Logistics we have found an experienced player who understands our needs and offers a tailormade solution to meet those. In this way we can keep our focus on our core business and leave the logistics operation to our partner.”

Photo: Sytze Marseille (CEO BN International) signs the agreement with Vos Logistics’ Edwin van Dinther and Toine van Gils.

Contract signing BNI


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