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Fast, reliable fine-meshed distribution

Are you looking for a full-service solution for your distribution? We offer solutions for all distribution challenges in the Benelux area, both b2b and b2c. Our fine-meshed network, sustainable fleet, advanced technology and driven employees are ready to contribute to your company’s success.

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Zero emission deliveries possible

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Vos Logistics is a specialist in city distribution and regional distribution. We focus on consolidation, digitalisation and sustainability.
City Distribution
Thanks to our state-of-the-art crossdock hub we combine goods flows as efficiently as possible before emission-free delivery in all cities in the Netherlands.
Regional Distribution
Our distribution network covers the whole Benelux area, with daily routes to all postal code.
Dedicated Transport
We offer custom and dedicated transport to our partners. We take care of all logistics, assuming the brand identity of your company.
Home Delivery
Home deliveries of outsized shipments like (garden) furniture, bikes, mopeds and all e-fulfilment for (web)shops.
Reaching a new level of efficiency by combining and consolidating inbound and outbound goods flows in our cross-dock hubs across the Benelux area.
Operating sustainably is one of the core values of Vos Logistics. We put strategic focus on: people, network, equipment, collaboration and digitalisation.


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Benelux Distribution
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Benelux Distribution

Vos Logistics is a specialist in Benelux distribution. We deliver both to businesses (b2b) and to consumers (b2c). Vos Logistics operates a very fine-meshed network in the Benelux area. From Woerden (NL), Oss (NL) and Antwerp (B) we carry out a 24/7 distribution operation throughout the Benelux area. Every city, town and village is served daily, so there is no weekly schedule with fixed days. We deliver to businesses, distribution centres, stores and branches of large retailers (garden centres, building supply stores and DIY stores). The Vos Logistics city distribution services even reach into inner cities where only delivery trucks and zero-emission vehicles are allowed. Vos Logistics invests heavily in a zero-emission fleet for city distribution throughout the Benelux area.

The central hub in our Benelux distribution network is our state-of-the-art crossdock platform in the heart of the Randstad area in the Netherlands. Here, we consolidate the goods flows of our customers and suppliers. In this way, we are able to make highly efficient deliveries to shops and other businesses, bundling the complete shipment in a single truck, eliminating many delivery runs from individual suppliers and saving time and fuel. By expanding our hubstructure in Oss and Antwerp, we will develop our network further in the coming years, building a multi-hub network for even more efficient distribution.

We operate a night distribution network in connection with our regular daytime distribution activities, so that the trucks keep running. We transport full truck loads but also pallet logistics, ADR transport and specialised logistics.

We operate both 13.60 (45 ft) and 25.25 meter (84 ft) trailers. City trailers measure 10,70 meter (36 ft) and 8,70 meter (29 ft), while box trucks are 7,20 meter (24 ft). All vehicles are equipped with hydraulic loading platforms, lift and steering axle, with an electric forklift on board. For long goods we operate trailers equipped with truck-mounted forklifts. Next to Benelux transport, we offer expedition services to international destinations.

Today’s business of transport and logistics is facing several challenges. Among those are rising fuel prices, scarcity of truck drivers, ever increasing insurance requirements, dealing with repair and maintenance, changing laws and regulations, education and much more. Meanwhile, companies must deal with changes in consumer demand, inflation, competition and so on. In the light of this, it is a strategically sound choice to focus on core activities and outsource transport and logistics. After all, for Vos Logistics 24/7 distribution and logistics are the core activities. As a logistics service provider we are dealing with the challenges in today’s transport and logistics business on a daily basis. Your company can benefit from our expertise!

Would you like to know more about how Vos Logistics can support your business with 24/7 distribution in the Benelux area? Get in touch with our logistics experts to learn more.