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Future-proof distribution with our electric fleet

Vos Logistics offers fine-meshed city distribution tailored to today’s and tomorrow’s sustainability requirements. We consolidate goods from multiple clients, reducing the number of delivery vehicles in cities. And thanks to our growing zero-emission fleet, we reduce emissions fast.

Towards 2030, inner city logistics is changing beyond recognition. The drive to improve the urban environment challenge us as a logistics service provider to come up with solutions. The most important themes are:

  • Zero-emission zones announced in 30+ Dutch cities
  • Congestion in urban areas
  • Low air quality due to exhaust fumes, nitrous oxides and fine dust particles
  • Reduced accessibility of city centres due to time restrictions
  • Limitation of the size of trucks
  • Traffic free streets and neighbourhoods

Vos Logistics is a front runner in the shared solutions towards sustainable logistics. We take a prominent role in addressing these challenges. That makes us the right partner for your future-proof city distribution.

From our strategically positioned warehouses in Woerden and Oss, in the Netherlands, we consolidate shipments to city centres for all clients and suppliers in retail, hospitality (non-food) and other sectors. This consolidation effort reduces the number of vehicles entering the city. Moreover, the central location of our warehouse allows us to supply cities in the Dutch Randstad area using full-electric trucks.

Outside of the Randstad area, we collaborate in various ways to offer the same service. One of these is sharing charging infrastructure to cover longer distances. To meet all challenges the coming years are bringing, Vos Logistics is building a future-proof distribution network that covers the whole of the Netherlands, comprising several regional and city hubs.

John Schollink, Logistics Director at Mirage Retail Group: “The collaboration with Vos Logistics Benelux Distribution is very fertile. Important reasons for choosing Vos Logistics are their transport and warehousing services, combined with their IT solutions.”

Do you want to know more about how Vos Logistics can support your business with city distribution? Get in touch with our logistics experts.

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A challenge?
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Rianne Schouten
Logistics Expert