Outsourcing fulfilment


Outsourcing fulfilment to Vos Logistics yields a highly optimised logistical process. We integrate your systems efficiently, so you can keep track of orders and monitor whether your goods are delivered to customers properly.

Advantages of outsourcing fulfilment

Fulfilment is more than processing products and getting them to customers. Additional services are just as important, like analysing customer data to continuously improve operations.

We are ready to take on your fulfilment challenges. All our fulfilment solutions are customised to meet your requirements. You always keep track of your stock and your service levels. Orders from your customers are processed automatically. Vos Logistics can support your business in all areas:

  • Storage of goods
  • Labelling products
  • Home delivery service
  • Inventory management


Vos Logistics aims to combine and consolidate all your outbound goods flows. We have the knowledge, equipment and expertise to execute full-pallet shipments to decentral distribution centres, B2B deliveries to customers and B2C deliveries directly to consumers. And all that from a single, central stock position.


In most cases, outsourcing your fulfilment leads to lower overall costs compared to keeping the full logistical process in-house. The reason for that is simple: because we are transporting large volumes, our operation is highly efficient. On top of that, you pay us only for services and capacity that you actually use. Do you want to know more about outsourcing your fulfilment and what that costs, please get in touch.

Fulfilment for companies large and small

Our experts are ready to inform you about all the different options in outsourcing your fulfilment to Vos Logistics. Several multinationals, as well as smaller e-commerce shops and small businesses have outsourced their fulfilment to us.

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A challenge?
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Marcel van Etten
Logistics Expert